Come on people this person needs help yesterday!! If there is anyone in his area at least go there and help him for now and we need to call these people that have lost all sense of compassion. The person to speak with is Mark Burley and his # is
902 473 7362

Wheelchair Rights - See

An update. My electric wheelchair is now completely unusable.

UPDATE.  Monday May 14 2012, still no help…my social worker and the supervisor are not answering their telephones..I am house bound and in danger.. I need an electric wheelchair to survive…I can not reach anyone on the telephone..maybe someone out there can contact the media….HELP!

from Daniel J Towsey

May 12, 2012


I am now trapped in my home.

I live alone and I have no relatives in this country.

I will not be able to go out for anything. That includes groceries.

I can walk short distances with a walker and my knee braces.

But I can not stand for more then a minute before the pain from my multiple skeletal injures becomes unbearable.

I can not carry anything and I can barely hold on to my walker.

I can travel in a taxi…

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